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Platform Changes Equal Strategy Changes

Some interesting insight is coming out on the timeline change within Facebook, below is the fan history for Coca-Cola & Starbucks. These guys where the largest brands utilizing a “fan gate”, essentially requiring someone to “Like” them prior (becoming a fan) to seeing any content. With the timeline changes that obviously goes away.

They made their switch to the timeline on the 28th of Feb, note the drop in daily fan growth.

Coca-Cola: Source


Starbucks: Source


On the other side there is a company like Redbull, they where no using a “Fan Gate” to garner likes. Note the noticeable lack of an immediate decline. That being said there is a considerable downward trend in the daily fan growth which cannot be ignored.

The strategy behind this major change for brand pages is quite clear, drive ad revenue. Now there where a series of new ad options introduced, some I would consider more valuable than others.

One burning question for me coming out of the fMC conference was the potential effectiveness. At that point in time it was too early to tell how meaningful the new units could be. At this point there isn’t any clarity on which are performing best, although below is a snapshot at the growth from the brand page for Titanic.

Titanic is utilizing the new ad units, from what I see here things are working quite well.

Ex. of a new FB ad unit – via Screenwerk

So as the ad units mature over the coming weeks and months it will be interesting to hear come case studies of the success or potentially the lack there of success from other advertisers. From what we can see, it gave the Titanic brand a shot in the arm.

How important will this be in the SMB space? Difficult call at this point, the brand power for a brand like the Titanic will instantly catch a user’s eye. Now if that was a restaurant in Winnipeg we might have a different result. Again, only time will tell.

PS – I think it will work quite well if targeted correctly. If Facebook can get the targeting right, Google will have an emerging challenger for local online ad dollars.

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Top Viral Videos – July 2010

1. Old Spice – Questions (and Responses), agency: Wieden-Kennedy;

2. Levi’s – Walk Across America, agency: Conscious Minds;

3. Dentyne Pure –  Epic Rap Battle, agency: Rhett & Link / Platinum Rye / PainePR;

4. Burn (Coca-Cola) – Ride, agency: Publicis Mojo;

5. Samsung – Redneck Hunter Goes to Jail, agency: Cheil Worldwide;

6. Domino’s Pizza – Domino’s Pulling the Cheese; agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky;

7. PepsiMax – Diner 2PointZero, agency:TBWA/Chiat/Day;

8. California Skateparks – World’s Largest Skateboard Disaster, agency: N/A;

9. Harold B. Lee Library – New Spice/Study Like a Scholar, agency: N/A;

10. HP – Hit Print, agency: N/A

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