LinkedIn 4x Better for B2B Leads than Facebook or Twitter

This shouldn’t be a shocker, but a interesting read none the less. Perhaps the only time I could use #noshit in a tweet and feel like there was no better way to express myself.

Source: Social Media Today

In a study of 3,128 HubSpot B2B customers, LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.60%, four times higher than Twitter (.67%) and seven times better than Facebook (.39%).

Linkedin B2B Networking

The methodology was a data dump of all of HubSpot customers’ social media traffic and leads collected through the HubSpot system in 2011. From there, data was segmented to look at B2B companies that had generated visits and leads from social media. Companies that generated less than two leads in the year were excluded from the sample.

Lead generation with LinkedIn

This data clearly shows that LinkedIn is a good lead source. But few B2B companies use LinkedIn to its full potential.

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