Killer Design for the Hotel Industry

One of the luxuries of a few industries is that they are large enough to have business specifically service them. The hospitality industry is one of those, and man oh man is this one slick.

Being a semi light business traveler I have the opportunity to search out hotel websites on a monthly basis. Maybe I shouldn’t say opportunity, it’s more like the displeasure in most cases. They don’t all suck, but more than the majority do have some issues that would take more than a coat of paint to address.

A company called WHIP ( was aware of this very issue and created some killer hotel templates to address it. Now I may use the term “killer” quite openly, although in this case there is some added emphasis on it. These are legitimately impressive.

A demo site is live, well worth a look ->

Although this is the first time I have come across these guys, they do boast over 4,000 sites under their belts. Not a shocking scale, but when you consider they are laser focused on a specific industry it is somewhat impressive.

WHIP notes that “94% of our clients report an increase in direct bookings after implementation”. But (there is always a “but”) they do not come cheap, 750 euro’s per month is the rate on these guys. Add in the fact that you’ll need a more than just a point/shoot camera to make this work and the cost moves quickly. I’m not saying there isn’t value, but the incremental gains might be difficult to justify. For that reason I would be interested to see what the churn is on the 4,000 sites as noted previously.