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Concepts, Not Keywords

Difficult notion for many to grasp, but the days of a 1-1 connection within the SERP is basically gone. Yes there is some carry over, thought the customization that is occurring is through the roof. Few examples below that really underscore how far Google has come in improving the user experience:

Browser Variance – Same search term, same IP, Chrome vs Mozilla

Restaurants MontrealRestaurants Montreal

Restaurants TorontoRestaurants Toronto

Restaurants WinnipegRestaurants Winnipeg

Restaurants CalgaryRestaurants Calgary

Restaurants VancouverRestaurants Vancouver

Restaurants HalifaxRestaurants Halifax

Personal Customization – Based on Past Search History

Not Logged In – Restaurants HaliaxLogged In

Logged In – Restaurants HalifaxNot Logged In

Mobile IP Customization – Same Search, Different Location, Mobile

Restaurant SERP 1

Restaurant MAP 1

Restaurant SERP 2

Restaurant MAP 2

App Store Best of 2014

Apple recently released their Best of 2014 list on iTunes. The interesting thing about this list is that it is entirely decided in-house, no outside influence comes into the equation. This makes the list even more pure to me as it’s basically real people, providing real recommendations based on what’s legit.

App of the Year – Elevate – Brain Training (

Game of the Year – Threes! (

A very quick plug for the crew at work (YP), whose hard work was acknowledged, landing our flagship app on the list for 2014. A major accomplishment for all involved.

YP - Best of iTunes AppStore 2014

Check out the entire list here.

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